Radiation Safety Course

Radiation Safety Course at Portland Community College

Veterinary Technology

Instructor:  Dr. Brad Krohn           brad.krohn@pcc.edu


Radiation Safety VT 109       Distance Learning (on-line course)  2 credits

This course introduces x-radiation and safety principles involved in using x-ray machines.  It is typically offered twice each year; once during the summer term (late June through early September) and once during the winter term (January through mid-March). This year we are offering the course fall term which runs from September 26 through December 12, 2016.  The course satisfies the State of Oregon’s regulations for Radiation Safety.


Prerequisite:  Admission to the Veterinary Technology Program or current employment in a veterinary facility doing x-ray work is required.

Cost:  PCC’s cost per credit is $97.00. There are a few other fees associated with the registration process making the overall cost for this course to be approximately $235.00.

Course Number:  VT 109 on line

CRN#:  48635

Registration Date:  Now

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Contacts for assistance:  Science and Technology Division

Brad Krohn, DVM             brad.krohn@pcc.edu     971-722-7461                     Instructor

Niki Steele                          nsteele@pcc.edu            971-722-7255                     Lead Administrative Assistant