Happy Veterinary Technician Week!

On behalf of National Veterinary Technician Week, I would like to proclaim my sincere gratitude for all Veterinary Technicians and the very important work they do. As a Veterinary Technician of almost 35 years, I know firsthand how challenging the job can be on so many levels. We are nurses to our patients, right hand men and women to our doctors and surgeons, an integral part of every veterinary medical team and educators to our clients. We are experts at handling and managing a wide variety of animal species, caretakers of people and animals, trouble shooters and managers and the heart of every veterinary facility. We are laboratory, radiographic, and dental technicians, phlebotomists, anesthetists and groomers and so much more. I would be hard pressed to try to describe all the millions of things that go along with the major duties of a veterinary technician so for now I will express my thanks to you by being the very best Veterinary Technician I can be. When I make a commitment to my profession to alleviate animal suffering and to promote public health I do so knowing we stand side by side. And as I continue to work in my profession I will maintain my commitment to lifelong learning so that we can always work together to contribute to and protect our profession’s highest standards.

To all Veterinary Technicians, I thank you. Thank you for your blood sweat and tears, your struggles as you try to work out the hundreds of details that need attending to on a daily basis, and for being the last one out of the door each night. Thank you for keeping our patients safe under anesthesia and for knowing how to communicate professionally to your co-workers and your clients. Thank you for taking a moment to comfort the grieving client and the fearful animal and for working with even the most difficult patients as you work to get them to trust you. Thank you for your patience, your adaptability, your conscientiousness and your good work ethic. And most of all, thank you for standing strong and working for what you believe in even though at times your compensation doesn’t match the work you so diligently do. Thank you a hundred times for your vast knowledge and for supporting your team! Thank you Veterinary Technicians!

Happy National Veterinary Technician Week

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