A message from our President, Dolores Galindo, for Veterinary Technician Week:

We recognize Veterinary Technicians week in Oregon always and especially during this week dedicated to them nationwide (thank you NAVTA)! 

To all of our Veterinary Technician members:

Support and promote each other!  Be the coworker that has patience and toleration of challenging work environments and challenging situations. Provide support during these times even when under trial or affliction.  Speak up professionally and wisely when needing to maintain a healthy and supportive work environment.  Encourage others to flourish and to reach goals they may think are unattainable.  Accept each person even with their faults in a dignified fashion and work to find talent and nurture it. 

When you support each other, when you strive to fit into the profession through understanding, commitment and dedication, when you reach a point where you have the strength and courage to make positive and essential change, when you accept each other for who they are or who they strive to be, and when you be the very best you can be at all times – you promote the profession of veterinary technology.  In doing this, you become a role model and you can be proud of being a veterinary technician.  You can set a standard that while we are a diverse profession, we respect each other and we support each other.  Stay strong, stay active in your profession and stay “you”!  OVTAA is very proud of Oregon’s hard working Veterinary Technicians, and we support you!